There are always things you think about when you go to a new place and we have started to learn what you are wondering about so we have some points below:

Who can come to the castle? Everyone is welcome who has made a pre-booking!

Check-in We welcome our guests from 3:00 p.m. and would be happy if you inform us if you arrive after 6:00 p.m. Latest the day before.

Check-out Check-out is no later than 11:00 on the day of departure. For conferences, check-out is after breakfast.

Payment We accept payment with Visa, American Express and Mastercard. Swish is also possible. No cash.

Breakfast Our breakfast is mostly served à la carte from the kitchen. Some parts are served buffet style. Tuesday to Friday, breakfast is served between 07:00 and 09:00. Saturday to Sunday breakfast is served between 08:00 and 10:00.

Restaurant The restaurant is mainly for those who live at the hotel, but there is also the opportunity on occasion to come and enjoy Daniel Lindgren's and team's cooking art even for those who do not live at the castle. For availability please email The booking is only made upon email confirmation.

Bar Of course there is a bar for our hotel and restaurant guests! Opens 16:00 and closes late. Considering our alcohol permit, bringing alcoholic beverages to the island is not allowed. 

Dog Dogs are most welcome at the castle! And they are welcome to sleep over in one of the pavilion rooms. No cost is added.

Parking There are 2 parking lots on the island that are freely used by hotel guests. If you wish to leave your luggage at the entrance to the castle, you are welcome to drive up to the castle. We can also help park the car. There is also a disabled parking space at the castle.

Do Anna & Lars hang out at the castle You can often find them on site but not always as they are also out building  stuff and working on other projects.

Telephone The easiest way to reach us is by email, but sometimes it's urgent and then you can call 040-480440.

                                              Electric car We have one charging point for electric cars. Just leave the keys at reception and we'll take care of the rest.

Number of rooms In total we have 27 double rooms and 54 beds. 13 of these rooms are in the castle, of which 3 are suites. The suites are not necessarily the biggest, but they are our favourite rooms which get a little extra fluff with lots of nice products from Aesop and duvets from Happy Fluffy Cloud. There are 14 rooms in the pavilion, which is located magically down by the lakeside 50 meters from the castle. All rooms have their own bathrooms, all with showers, even some in the castle that have bathtubs.

Number of guests per room All our rooms are double rooms and our packages are for 2 people. In some of the rooms in the castle there is room for extra beds and these are best suited for children and teenagers who like the food of adults.

The boutique Here you can buy all the products from Aesop that we use and the blankets from Happy Fluffy Cloud that are in the suites and optional in other rooms. But also the ceramics that Titti Qvarnström makes and that you eat and drink out of at the castle!

Internet Even though we are only 30 minutes from Malmö, mobile technology is not always perfect at the castle. In addition, we have thick walls so sometimes you have to go outside to make phone calls. We see this as an advantage! It's nice to put down the phone sometimes and enjoy without distractions. Then, of course, we have internet and wifi, but it's not the fastest, so feel free to download in advance if you have large files or conference presentations that you need during your stay with us! Fiber should find its way here in the fall of 2022, according to reliable sources.

Iron? We have steamers that you can borrow for the room if something you really want to wear is wrinkled!

The products in the room It's hard not to love Aesop's wonderful products. These are abundant in the room and they are there to brighten your existence. If you want to take any of them home, they are available for purchase in the Boutique. Items taken from the room will be charged afterwards.

Fragrance and sound What does it smell like? Well, at The Norrmans Castle, we work with all the senses and specially produced scents spread in corridors and lounges. If you are allergic or hypersensitive to scents, the castle is not the right place for you. For these special scents, there are also matching sound effects for a maximum overall experience!

Activities What do you do more than enjoy all the senses at the castle? There are toys and games scattered around the castle and outdoors during the warmer months you can play croquet, boules and racquetball. But you can also borrow our stand up paddle boards and go out on the lake (unfortunately not during the months of April-June when the lake's bird life is protected). If you want to go out and run in the woods when it's dark, you can borrow a headlamp and reflective vest.

Golf We cooperate with Romelåsens GK and there you get a 50% discount on the green fee on the day of arrival, during the stay and also on the day of departure, upon presentation of the booking confirmation.

Staff uniforms? You might be wondering what kind of crazy uniforms the staff are wearing? They are from a designer called MaxJenny. You can find them at

Weddings We will hold a few weddings in 2023. Contact us for price information and plans.

Children in the castle? Our focus is to create an exciting and relaxing environment. We create experiences for adults and many of our guests choose to leave their children at home. If you still feel that your children fit into the environment, the same conditions and prices apply as for adults.

Cancellation rules When booking, the guest pays the entire booking value in advance. This is refunded if canceled up to 7 days before arrival. After this, the amount is not refunded. Please note that the policy also applies to cancellations made as a result of the pandemic. Conferences, events, tastings or private parties of 8 people or more are not refunded later than 1 month before arrival. For conference bookings and group bookings, we otherwise follow Visita's general rules and agreements regarding cancellation rules.

GDPR May 25, 2018, we, Sweden and the entire EU received a new law, GDPR, general data protection regulation. It replaces the old law PUL, the Personal Data Act. The protection that previously existed in how we handle personal data has been strengthened via this law and this means that, on certain occasions, we will have to ask you how we are allowed to handle your data, such as name, email, address, telephone number, booking history, etc. By accept our terms and conditions, you agree to us storing your personal data. You also have the right to access the data that we store, and get information about where it is stored. When you make a booking at The Norrmans Castle, we need certain information about you/you in order to manage and guarantee the booking. We process and protect your personal data in accordance with current personal data legislation. If you wish to receive offers and newsletters in the future, you need to report this yourself, we will ask the question, and despite your approval, you can unregister at any time. We protect your personal privacy and strive to protect your personal data as required by law. We reserve the right to share your data with subcontractors when it is necessary for us to be able to provide you with the best possible service and when there are special reasons, e.g. that police, prosecutors or the like request information. We use the information to be able to identify you as a resident with us and the data will be with our personal data assistants Visbook and Sirvoy. The Norrmans saves your personal data as long as it is necessary to achieve the purposes described in the policy. If you unregister from our services, we will delete your personal data as soon as we can.