The super important 


For us, it is crucial to have someone in the kitchen who knows beyond the ordinary how to cook and create taste experiences, but also how to consider the earth we live on. We create places where you enjoy and, in our world, you cannot enjoy without food.

"The cuisine is strongly seasonal with a focus on local ingredients, innovative techniques and high flavors.”

Where the vegetables are allowed to shine, and the animals are allowed to act as complements.

We cook from the heart and given what we now know about our planet and the future, we take care of all our ingredients and avoid food waste.

"I see the meal as a socially engaging moment and through my cooking I want to provide experiences beyond the ordinary, make people make new contacts and perhaps discover new uses for the ingredients you have in the pantry at home. We have several larger tables in the dining room and work a lot with the "community table" where you share your experience with other guests, perhaps at one of these you can find new friends. Even though this may feel strange to some, our experience is that you get a more rewarding experience together. Don't you wish eat with other guests, there is also the option of sitting alone, let us know in that case and we will arrange so that you get the evening you want." From our chef Daniel Lindgren.

 The idea is for you to get food you don't usually eat. 

We want you to try something new and be moved in terms of taste. The dinner is structured in various parts with small dishes in each where you will get several different taste experiences. 

Some may be to your liking more than others and some may be completely new to you. We cook food that the future can carry, and we hope that you have had a new experience in terms of taste when you walk out our door.

Enjoy our vision.

It is with pleasure that we manage the trust to be allowed to cook for you during the time you spend at the castle with us.